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Sherlock and Victor talking to each other in French.


Book remake Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 


  • rolf scamander is swarthy
  • harry has visible strands of silver hair
  • still wears his round glasses
  • ginny leaves harry with the children while she works abroad
  • james and albus are krum stans
  • no mention of rose and hugo being there
  • ron’s hair is thinning
  • hermione still has really bushy hair
  • hannah abbott is going to be hogwarts’ new matron (meaning madame pomfrey prolly retired)
  • hannah and neville really like their firewhiskey
  • luna is still as eccentric as ever
  • xenophilius babysits lorcan and lysander 
  • more of dumbledore’s army was mentioned to be there
  • (so dean, seamus, cho, etc are prolly there too)
  • george is wealthy af
  • either george, charlie or percy is in attendance of the match
  • bill is definitely there
  • teddy lupin is wild and can’t keep his tongue to himself
  • victoire is there, on the receiving end of his tongue
  • these children need to be stunned if reports of their sexual activity has made it to the daily prophet tbh
  • remus ur child needs jesus

Everytime I go on the Seven Realms Wikia page, it makes me sad.

Genelia D’ Souza as Raisa ana’Marianna


those damn hipsters



so sometimes i think about harry potter being in the aurors and like

he’d never really thought about child protective services, muggle or otherwise, cause it’d never been relevant, right? like when he was a miserable kid he just thought that was what it was like being an orphan. but then he sees cases come through the department where parents are murdered and there’s kids sitting in their waiting room with copies of the quibbler and water waiting while an auror sits down with a family tree and tries to find whatever relatives this kid might have in the wizarding world, going back maybe even five generations to find anyone living and vaguely related to this child to drop them off with

and he goes to shit apartments in diagon alley after noise complaints and finds children who are black and blue with hexed, bleeding skin who insist they were just playing with a weasley’s wizard wheeze, no really mr. potter

and he thinks about how merope gaunt stumbled into a muggle orphanage and left them a child who would grow up learning fear was the key to harmony, and becoming a god meant safety

and really, how was the headmaster of a school the person who made the call about where he ended up, how was the system so haphazard that a man who wouldn’t be part of his life for another ten years got to make the biggest decision of his life

harry thinks about his cupboard

and then harry potter sits down with hermione and ron and neville (cause of course neville would want a stake in this) and says, “we need to change the wizarding world again.”

and they do.

#the anti-cupboard league#molly weasley knits sweaters with every letter of the alphabet

scott mccall + close ups

Anyone have a fancast for teen Sherlock and teen Molly?

I was searching youtube for video clips for an au gifset I’m working on but then I got sidetracked and now I’m making videos out of things I’ve recorded the last week…

it’s kinda fun. :3

Brazil: we came out to have a good time and hones-[Germany scores again]


Benedict Cumberbatch Announces BAFTA NY Crowd Source Winner [x]

falcon-fox-and-coyote answered: what time period/type of uniform?

1980s-1990s preferably school uniforms.




sherlock & vicki

Sherlock’s face during this entire scene was priceless.

I am 110% certain that she is Moriarty

…. The last comment!! ^

dear cas,